RFX has been by our side in the journey of honor and remembrance for our Veterans since the Summit in February of 2018. We quickly realized that they were able to significantly reduce our workload and work hours while providing quality, clear project management, expert customer service and diplomacy. RFX has provided us with solutions for a broad range of requests and continues to work with us as needed today. We at Honor Flight Northern Arizona fly 10 flights a year and have flown over 2500 veterans to date. RFX has given us the opportunity to spend our time where it needs to be, with our veterans, fundraising, presentations, and logistics. Our process is much more organized and up to date, as well as available for board members to view. We can view, change, create reports and update information on each mission and our veterans, guardians along with trip leaders and medics frequently and in real time.

Thank you, Michael Erskine and your team at RFX, for all you continue to do for Honor Flight!”

Diane Franzese
Honor Flight Arizona

Honor Flight Arizona was among the first two or three hubs to utilize the RFX Honor Apps management system. We realized that our (then) methods of managing veterans waiting lists and Washington, D.C. trip logistics had become very inefficient in all aspects. Michael and his team provided stellar customer service as the RFX system matured and adapted to our needs. We now have a management tool that is centralized, customizable and secure for multiple users in different locations. When information is entered or changed, it happens instantly for all in the system. If your Honor Flight hub is not currently using RFX, I highly recommend making the change and “working smarter, not harder.”

Robert Krug
Honor Flight Arizona

Honor Flight Bluegrass worked with RFX Technologies on the initial development of Honor App. Quite simply, it has revolutionized our data collection, storage, and reporting functions!

Over the past couple years, RFX has offered this program to additional Honor Flight hubs. Through feedback from all the hubs, RFX continues to roll out enhancements requested by the hubs.

This system allows all authorized people to constantly and accurately update our records and, more importantly, download just about any combination of data to help us plan and execute missions.

I highly recommend RFX Technologies and Honor App.

Mike DiGiuro
Honor Flight Bluegrass

I think Honor Apps is fantastic. It is very user friendly, and the response from RFX consistently surpasses my expectations of support. The amount of time I save compared to our old spreadsheet system is incredible. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HONOR APPS.

Chuck Sallee
Honor Flight of Southern Indiana

We choose to use RFX Honors Apps because our Hub is very large and we needed to be able to share information on our Missions easily. Michael and his team were able to provide set up and training for us and their support since has been outstanding! It was a little slow to start as we had to hand enter all of the paper applications that we had, but it became a breeze once we started having the apps entered from our web site. Understanding that we are working with an older population, and many don't use a computer, we still get many paper apps, but it is much more manageable and easy to enter. We are able to pull up manifests with just a couple of clicks, we can see who is on what bus, we can make lists with just select information such as name and conflict or name and address, or lists of guardians, or lists of volunteers. When the request for the annual report came from National a couple weeks ago, it took me 5 minutes to do the report, just a couple of clicks and the numbers are there.

And Michael and his staff have been great to work with on special requests, or concerns we have. Over the last 9 months we have changed how we as a Hub work and all of the time we save is great. Knowing we needed to go digital, this was one of the best things our Hub has done and we are very thankful for all of the help and support we have gotten from RFX and Michael. We recommend RFX and their team, no reservations!

Patricia Vincent
Twin Tiers Honor Flight

We are very pleased with the Honor Apps. It has helped us tremendously. It’s like night and day difference from using our old excel spreadsheet tracking system which we had to input everything manually. It's definitely a time saver!! Whenever we need any kind of IT support, they are there to assist in a short period of time. Thank you RFX Technologies for this great program.

Margie Cyrus
Middle Georgia Honor Flight