More about our application

Data and Security are Important

When we set out to build the infrastructure that would host the program we went old school with new technology. What does that mean? We did not take a standard, potentially quick, easy or cheap path. We built our infrastructure to protect your data as if it was our own. We know data is currently being collected and stored in all kinds of ways. We believe protecting the mission and the data is VERY IMPORTANT. No one person, no one computer or server, no single binder should hold all the information and jeopardize a mission. Not only did we build the infrastructure to last, we give all our hubs the ability and freedom to set permissions for accessing their data.

Mission Details

Mission Card

Honor Apps allows veterans, guardians, and volunteers to complete their application forms online, and the data is saved directly in a database specific to your chapter. Your chapter can label each applicant with the appropriate status code so you can track them throughout the application, and mission flight process. You can then create a mission flight, including all of the details about the airline flight, transportation while in Washington, and assign each veteran a guardian to accompany them. Use the Honor Apps to also track medical issues, whether the applicant requires a wheelchair or oxygen when traveling, and assign their bus and airline seating. In addition, Honor Apps will then take the mission critical date, and run mission manifests, TSA manifests, bus manifests, and a Mailcall list for your mission flight.

User Features

System User Form

Honor Apps allows your chapter to create users allowed to access the program, and to set user features they can access, including entering new applicants, and viewing the applicant’s medical details, service history, volunteer details, contacts, and information pertaining to their assigned guardian. The application allows for multiple levels of security access depending on your chapter’s needs.

Keep Track

New Applicant Web Form

As soon as a new application, whether for a veteran, guardian, or volunteer, is received from your online site, Honor Apps will notify a chapter representative, and will be placed automatically in a Pending Review status. You may then log in and begin work to qualify each applicant for a mission flight. As you further qualify them, you can change their status to identify where they are in the process, including adding contact notes, and then assigning them to a designated mission flight. Once assigned to a flight, you may then also assign them, along with an assigned guardian, to a specific bus. All of the applicant’s information remains with their record through the entire process. For each mission flight, you may print a Mission Manifest, a TSA Manifest, Bus Manifest, and a Mailcall list. Once the flight has been completed, you may change the status of those who traveled to one that indicates they have completed their Honor Flight experience.